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Orui Walk, Wairarapa – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of people for a booking?2020-09-23T10:49:25+12:00

Yes – you must have a minimum of 4 people in your group, and up to 14.

What should I bring for the walk?2020-09-23T10:50:04+12:00

Comfortable walking boots or shoes, with a tread; day pack; generously-sized lunch box; 1-2 litre water bottle; hat; camera; sun cream and insect repellent; togs and towel; warm and cool clothing; a waterproof jacket; drinks if you wish (though local wine is available); sleeping bag or duvet.

Is there any cell phone coverage?2020-09-23T12:04:52+12:00

Yes – the majority of the walk has coverage but only Telecom – sorry no Vodafone.

Can we bring dogs?2020-09-23T12:05:16+12:00

Sorry – no dogs allowed.

Is there anywhere to buy petrol at Riversdale Beach?2020-09-23T12:05:42+12:00

Please make sure you fill with fuel in Masterton as no fuel for sale here at the beach

It says that we can play golf – do we have to bring our own clubs and can we play any day?2020-09-23T12:11:38+12:00

We do have a few sets that guests can borrow but if you do have your own please bring them. Wednesday morning is “ladies day” so you wouldn’t be able to play then.

Where are the tennis courts?2020-09-23T12:06:42+12:00

Right next to the golf clubhouse. There are two courts available.

Where is the nearest medical centre?2020-09-23T12:07:02+12:00

Masterton Hospital is 45 minutes drive from Orui Station.

How do we get there?2020-09-23T12:08:37+12:00

You can drive yourself following the instructions on the Location page or if coming from Wellington we do recommend www.adayout.co.nz. This company is very happy to collect you from Wellington Airport or a Motel in Wellington. It is advisable that you plan your trip so that you are in Wellington around 10.am so that you have plenty of time to get to Riversdale Beach.


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